In ETİ SODA INC., the human resources management focuses on the applications that support the strategical goals and performances and also focuses on the creativity and capturing the different approaches.

We evaluate the qualifications of our staff not only in technical competence and performance but also in self – improvement and more importantly in self – realisation ways. Individuals who are open for improvement, self – confident, having good communication skills, competent, sufficient and having peace of mind contribute at the highest level to both our company and our stakeholders.

We determine our human resource policy according to the special conditions and flexibility approach towards needs; according to the shared values that are shaped by our mission and vision, we are in a close dialog with our staff to be able to form a motivated, disciplined and peaceful workplace environment.

To carry our innovative applications in solution mining which is the first in the sector in Turkey and among the few initiatives in the world, to the global market level, we work with the tech – savvy staff that are open for improvement and has a wide knowledge. closely following the technology.

During our training programs in at ETİ SODA and Ciner Group, we give importance to strengthening these qualities; and as a result of this, by providing a happy work environment for our staff, we are continuously raising the level and increasing the efficiency and performance.


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