To provide the safety of the chemical products exported upon the human health and environment, ETİ SODA has completed the regulations determined in the REACH Legislation, which is effective in the European Union Countries.

REACH Legislation: 1907/2006 (EC) numbered European Parliament and Council Legislation; a new European Union legislation including the recording, evaluation, permission and limits of the chemicals (REACH), accepted by the European Parliament in 18 December 2006 and entered into force in 1 June 2007.

Only representative: According to the article 8 of the REACH Legislation, a natural or legal entity outside the Europen Union who is importing to the union, producing a material taking place either in a good or a patent medicine, formulating a patent medicine or producing a good can authorize a natural or legal entity in the union to meet the import requirements under this article by reaching a mutual aggrement.

At the same time, this representative should obey all the import requirements under this Legislation herein. The manufacturer who is not settled in the union will inform the other importer ( importers ) about this authorization who take place in the same supply chain. The objectives under this Legislation herein, these importers will be accepted as the downstream users.

Being a producer outside the union, ETİ SODA INC. has fulfilled the requirements of the Legislation completely, authorized a only representative and completed the record of the products.

ETİ SODA Reach Coordinator:
T : + 90 312 7633801
F : + 90 312 7633802

Only Representative:
Erdoğan Erdoğan
Imperial Mining Mineral & Chemicals Trading Ltd.
Unit 7, Kinetica 13 Ramsgate Street London E8 2FD
T : + 44 207 9233855
T : + 44 794 4621329
F : + 44 207 2414272