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ETİ SODA INC. Environment, Health Safety, Quality and Food Safety Policy

  • In all our activities, to obey all the legal obligations, to comply with the terms of the management system standards and terms of the organisations we joined,
  • To make a hygienic and quality Sodium Bicarbonate production in comply with the terms of food and feed safety,
  • Serving quality and environmentally friendly productions to the world market, to make a contribution to the country and region economy and increase the market share,
  • Continuously improving our quality of products and services, to become a reliable and preferred brand in the sector, to provide the continuity of our production and quality,
  • To provide the requests of the customers completely and in time to move the customer satisfaction to the highest level,
  • To provide the training needs of our staff, contribute to their personal development, increase the employee satisfaction, by creating a team spirit among our employees, to ensure the achievement of the unit and company goals, to increase the quality, environment and work health and knowledge of the employees,
  • By infusing our management systems into our suppliers, to make improving contributions in their productions and services,
  • Using the resources efficiently, tailing the technological improvements and innovations in the sector,
  • Taking the measures that will reduce the human health and environmental effects to the minimum, evaluating the risks that may cause occupational diseases and accidents, reaching the "Zero Environment and Work Accident" sustainable final goal by improving the working conditions,
  • To become in a close and active cooperation and communication with the public living around our environment, our customers, suppliers, contractors and employees.

General Manager
Tanzer ERGUL